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Hot tubs: Make your water safe and clean

July 2nd, 2013

The key to having the ultimate hot tub experience is the water. Water is dirty, contains algae and bacteria, or has an unbalanced pH level is not safe (or comfortable!) to relax in. Luckily, there are products available on the web that can make sure your hot tub’s water is clean and ready for use. pH balancing formulas and other chemically based products allow you to take comfort in the fact that your hot tub water is safe. 

An example of these products include:

Leisure Time Spa Up 2lbs will increase not only the alkaline levels in your pool, but will balance out the pH levels as well. This product form Leisure Time is a great addition to your regular cleaning routine. This product is available on the web for around $6 per bottle. 

If you are worried about bacteria growth in your hot tub, or have a problem with algae. I suggest taking a look at the 2 lbs. Natural Chemistry Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine Concentrate. This formula is available in a 2 lb. bottle and ensures that your hot tub water will be sanitized and safe to use. One bottle of this product will cost you around $15 on the web. 

Natural Chemistry Spa and Hot Tub Calcium Hardness Increaser is an eco-friendly product. The tough-on-stains formula prevents unnecessary corrosion and stains from accumulating in your hot tub. For one bottle (1.75 ounces), the average price on the web is $12. 

Looking to add minerals to your water? Enhance your soaking experience with Natural Chemistry Hot Tub and Spa Foundation and Balancer. Pour this product into your hot tub water and relax. The formula will leave your skin smooth and not irritated. The average price of this product on the Internet is $20. 


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