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Hot tub cleaning made simple

July 1st, 2013

Cleaning your hot tub shouldn’t be hard. In fact, there are many products available on the web to help make cleaning simple. Brands such as In The Swim provide cleaners and defoamers in multiple sizes to make sure your hot tub shines. 

Spa and Hot Tub Cleaner – 1 quart is safe to use on most surfaces. This hot tub cleaner will remove hard water stains and keeps your hot tub looking brand new. The cleaner, produced and sold by the company In The Swim can easily become a cleaning product staple for hot tub owners. Not only would this product be great for an at-home hot tub, but for a public spa as well. Keep your guests coming back with a clean and sterile hot tub. 

The cleaner is also available in a larger quantity. The Spa and Hot Tub Cleaner 4 quarts is a great choice for gyms, recreational centers and hotels. If your spa is used by multiple people many hours a day, it is crucial that it be kept clean. By purchasing the larger quantity, you won’t have to worry about running out of the cleaner very often. The 1 quart size costs an average of $15 per bottle, while the 4 quart size costs $45 per bottle. 

If you own a hot tub, you know about the unsightly brown foam that tends to gather on top of the water. With the Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer 1 quart, you can rid of the foam almost instantly. Just pour the formula into the water and say goodbye to the dirty foam. This product is also available in a larger quantity. The Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer 4 quarts is great for larger hot tubs or ones that are heavily used. The average retail price for this product is $14 (one quart) and $40 (4 quarts).


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