Holiday gift guide: 3 great gifts for elementary-school kids |

Holiday gift guide: 3 great gifts for elementary-school kids

November 27th, 2013
You've never seen a Furby quite like this before.

You’ve never seen a Furby quite like this before.

By Aimee Heckel 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for you elementary-school kids this holiday season, you might feel like a kid in a candy store — but not in a good way. There can be too many choices.

You want something that is dramatic enough to get that wide-eyed response you love so much, but nothing that will take up half the living room. Here are three great holiday gifts for elementary-school kids. The criteria: trendy, inexpensive, reasonable size, not offensively loud and something your kids probably don’t already have.

1. Peacock Furby, $40 at Target: Furby dolls are not new, but this version is. (Plus, how cute is this design?) They call this line Furby Boom. You can shape its personality by how you treat it. Download the free app and translate Furbish. With connection to smartphones and iPads, the modern Furbys are so much more exciting than the old-school versions we grew up with.

Downside: Furby does talk and make sounds, but it’s quieter than a drumset.

Plus side: With the app and interactions, Furby constantly changes, so your kids won’t grow sick of this toy after a week.

2. A Spirograph kit, $14.99 at Target: This is an old-fashioned game, first launched in the ’60s, which is exactly why your kids probably have never heard of it. Using wheels and rings, the Spirograph helps your kid make intricate artistic creations.

The downside: You’re going to want to steal it from your kids. It’s addictive.

The plus side: It’s silent. And it teaches the principles of art and math.

3. A robotic fish, $14.99, at Target. If you’re thinking about getting your kid a pet this Christmas, stop right there. You can get your kid something equally as exciting that you won’t end up taking care of until it dies. A Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish. The funky, see-through robot fish swims around its bowl when it touches water.

The downside: It isn’t real.

The plus side: It isn’t real.

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