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Hockey sticks for style and performance

June 10th, 2013

When it comes to sporting equipment, there is a huge emphasis on the gear that is specific to the sport. Whether it’s the right bat for baseball or the right club for golf, putting some extra thought and effort into your sporting gear can make a huge difference in the way you play. Not only will you be able to improve your game but you can pick gear that is more comfortable in your grip or stylish to suit your personality.
The following are some quality hockey stick products:
Left Graf White G75 Mini Composite Stick has vibrant Graf logo details throughout. The bold yellow and black graphics give this a stylish look and the shaft and blade are longer than other mini sticks to offer increased control on the ice.
Left Easton Stealth RS II Composite Stick [JUNIOR] are meant for those with a left hand orientation. It has a black matte blade finish with a bold yellow logo detail. It has a woven Kevlar shaft, elliptical taper profile and increased blade stiffness.
Graf Supra G5500 Goalie Stick [SENIOR] is an extra lightweight stick that only weighs around 750 grams. The blade and paddle are specifically designed for goalie use with a highly durable and flexible construction.
Easton Stealth 55S II Composite Stick [JUNIOR] has an elliptical taper profile and ribbed blade construction. The stick length is 52 inches and only weighs around 444 grams for a great stick for younger hockey players in that transitional stage before purchasing an adult hockey stick.
Easton Stealth RS Sled Hockey Composite Stick weighs 280 grams and is 24 inches in length. It is made from Kevlar wrapped composite and has a tapered elliptical profile. The Resin Transfer Molding offers durability in its construction and a matte finish for a highly stylized look.


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