Holiday gift guide: 4 great presents for mom |

Holiday gift guide: 4 great presents for mom

December 3rd, 2013
Make mama happy with silk pajama pants from J. Crew.

Make mama happy with silk pajama pants from J. Crew.

By Aimee Heckel

Moms work pretty darn hard year-round, but especially this time of year. And then Santa gets all the credit. It’s truly not Santa who is magical, but the typical American mama.

Honor her unconditional love and endless stream of energy and effort with these four great gifts for moms.

And Mom? Feel free to print out this list and casually leave it on the counter. And fridge. And in your partner’s wallet.

1. A spa day. You knew this was coming. It’s not surprising, but it would be a lie to omit it. Pool several people’s gifts together and get Mom a substantial gift certificate at, which she’ll be able to use in her favorite spa on her favorite treatments.

2. Amazingly comfy pajamas. As women, we’re brainwashed into thinking our fashion must be uncomfortable 90 percent of the time. Give Mom a chance to relax and experience the luxury of comfortable clothes with these comfortable jammie pants from J. Crew.

Silk pajama pants, $128, at J. Crew in an adorable colorblock dot pattern. Yes. Tip: Get 30 percent off with the code “HOLIDAY.”

If you’re going for the Best Christmas Ever Award, get her a matching silk PJ top.

Save money at J. Crew with these coupons — and don’t forget to pair them with 7 percent Cash Back (way up from 3 percent). Read more articles about saving money at J. Crew here.

3. An herb garden kit. If Mom loves to cook, this herb garden kit will save her trips to the grocery store to grab bags of her fave fresh spices. Not to mention, it’s a great decoration item and adds some life and color to the kitchen. Only $29.99 at Plow & Hearth.

4. Flavor-infuser water bottle. Whether Mom enjoys luxury, is a fitness fanatic or just likes novelty items, this water bottle rocks. It comes with a special compartment for her to place fruits or veggies to flavor her water. Now Mom can feel like she has cucumber water from the spa every day. Only $15 at

Save money on gifts for your kiddos here, with these baby and kids coupons.

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