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We’ve hidden secret savings! Start hunting!

March 29th, 2013

Easter egg huntby Laurence MacNaughton

We’ve hidden five super money-saving “Easter eggs” somewhere on ShopAtHome.com. Can you follow the clues to the five mystery stores?

Find the Easter eggs and save!

Mystery Store #1

• They’re little, they’re yummy, they’re yellow (or pink, lavender, or blue) … and they expand in a microwave.

• They’re not jelly beans, but you’ll find them in your Easter basket. In fact, Americans will eat more than 600 million of them this Easter!

• Peep this: you could earn 6% Cash Back!

Mystery Store #2

• First word rhymes with “wiper.” Second word rhymes with “mime.”

• Think green. Think fashion.

• Last hint: sounds a lot like “LiperPime”. OK, so that isn’t a word. But you could save up to 12% Cash Back!

 Mystery Store #3

• We can give you a “wake up call” to savings!

• There’s always “room” here to save even more.

• Rhymes with Motels.com … and you could earn 6% Cash Back!

Mystery Store #4

• Fill in the blank: Jack, Queen, King, _____.

• Also known as the place with the helpful hardware man.

• This “handy” place could save you 4% Cash Back!

Mystery Store #5

• Helps you “make up” your Easter party.

• What’s “NOVA” spelled backwards?

• This four-letter word could earn you 7% Cash Back!

Did you get all five mystery stores?

Egg-cellent! Now, search ShopAtHome.com for the store names, find the Easter eggs, and save!

Click here and type in a store name to start your search…

Or click here for more Easter tips and savings from ShopAtHome.com

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