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May 30th, 2013

Henkel was founded in 1876 and specializes in three areas: laundry and home care, beauty care and adhesive technologies. With headquarters located in Germany, Henkel is considered one of the top global leaders in the brands and technologies industry. Henkel is known worldwide for their great adhesive products such as tape and glue.

Duck Caremail Packing Tape is a clear tape that is reliable and easy to use. Perfect for sending packages or taping two items together. No scissors are needed with this tape because you can easily tear it with your hands. This product is usually priced around $3.00. 

Duck EZ Start Carton Sealing Tape measures 1.88 Inches x 60 Yards with a 3 in. core. Featuring an EZ start, this tape makes pulling and tearing an easy process. Perfect for sealing boxes, cartons and bottles, this product is usually priced around $8.00. 

Duck Replacement Double Stick Tape has two sides of sticky goodness that can be used for scrap booking, posters and flyers. This clear replacement tape is a great product to have on hand for crafting and general D-I-Y. This product is usually priced around $4.00.

Duck Super Strong Sealing Tape is a super strong and sturdy tape that can be used to seal packages or attach items. This tape is also easy to use and will not tire out your hands. This product is usually priced around $8.00.

Duck Tape Shark Pro Tape Dispenser will solve all of your tape cutting issues. This dispenser features tape grabbers that keep the role from falling down. It also has a soft rubber handle bladesafe cutting feature so you cannot cut up your hands or fingers. This product is usually priced around $24.00.


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