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Have a way with wines

June 27th, 2013

There are many wines that you can have with your meals or on their own. When contemplating wines, you have numerous options, like merlots, chardonnays, rieslings and more. Having more wine options from more winemakers gives you the widest range of pairing possibilities. If you find a wine that you like stick with it, but do not be afraid to also try new wines over time to broaden your taste horizons and possibly discover a new favorite. Just a few of the thousands of wines available are below:

Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato 750ml is a blend of different grapes for a non-varietal wine that is priced up to $72. This red wine includes a citrusy sweetness that makes it a good companion for spicy hot food and bold flavors of grilled meats.

Kim Crawford Riesling Dry 2007 750ml is light an citrusy with flavors of apple and honey. This lively New Zealand wine sells for up to $18 per bottle, depending on the retailer.

Opici Chianti California 1.50l – Case of 6 sells for up to $53 for a case of six bottles. This medium-bodied wine features a slight spiciness with an aroma that has fruity notes. This wine is best served with rich foods due to its higher acidity compared to Opici’s burgundy.

Redwood Creek Chardonnay 2002 750ml is a California wine that sells for an average of $9 per bottle. This wine includes flavors of nectarine and pear, which pair well with the crispness of the medium-bodied wine.

Smoking Loon Merlot 2011 750ml features a variety of flavors for a balanced red wine that is versatile in its pairings. Red pasta sauces, pork and lamb all are enhanced when served with this California wine, which retails for around $11 a bottle.


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