4 book series that could be the new 'Harry Potter'

4 book series that could be the new ‘Harry Potter’

July 12th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

Reading to your child is endlessly important. Among a long list of benefits, the University of Michigan reports that it:

  • Improves you child’s awareness of sounds.
  • Helps your child make connections necessary to write.
  • Improves your child’s vocabulary.
  • Enhances reading comprehension and accuracy.

But it can be less than exciting as a parent to read that cheesy Dora the Explorer book again — for the seventh time this week. And begrudgingly reading a book isn’t exactly going to spark your kid’s passion for literacy.

6C8073164-tdy-130628-harry-potter-1.blocks_desktop_smallInstead, pick a book that both parent and child can get into. If your child is old enough, re-read the Harry Potter series for 15 to 20 minutes a night (if you can cut yourself off at all). Pick up fresh copies with the new “edgy” cover designs (see photo).

Beyond Harry Potter, here are four other book series to consider reading together as a family. Or alone, all night, under the covers with a flashlight. Hey, it’s called being a good example.

1. The Percy Jackson seriesThese best-selling graphic adventure books by Rick Riordan follow a 12-year-old dyslexic boy who finds out he is a demigod and the sun of Poseidon.

hardcover2_prop_embed2. The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King. This series follows Roland Deschain, a gunslinger in the post-apocalyptic Mid-World, as he searches for the magical Dark Tower. Read the books or the comics, or both.

Find the Dark Tower boxed set, books one through four, on Amazon.com for $25.89.

Also find the books on Rakuten.com. Use this coupon for free shipping on many different products at Rakuten.com, plus get 4 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com.

The books are also available in eBook form via Amazon.com. Check Barnes & Noble’s pre-owned Nook Table for just $149.

3. Here’s a unique way to get involved with the publishing process. The Jade Series aims to be the next “Harry Potter,” to reawaken an avid group of young readers again. This fantasy-adventure series is currently running a Kickstarter campaign through Aug. 1 to try to raise money for marketing and publishing expenses.

Artemis_Fowl_first_edition_cover4. Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer. This sci-fi/fantasy series joins a teen criminal mastermind as he captures a fairy and holds her for ransom. This series is unique, as the main character is the anti-hero — but his character slowly evolves throughout the books.

Find the books online, including some really cheap deals (under $5) for used copies on Amazon.com.

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