Fun and easy Halloween DIY projects you can do with your kids

Halloween DIY projects you can do with your kids

September 18th, 2013
Halloween garland kit

This Halloween garland kit from Michaels will look like you spent all day putting it together.

By Aimee Heckel 

Holidays are amplified when you have kids. Halloween comes back to life. And with it, so do a list of fun DIY projects that you can do with your family.

Looking for some spooky inspiration? Here are some fun and easy Halloween DIY projects you can do with your kids:

1. Spooky cut-out garlands.

Country Living offers a great guide on making cutouts of spiders, bones or skulls. Make it look just perfect by using one of Country Living’s templates.

 2. Use your printer.

Speaking of templates, one secret to those amazing Martha Stewart-like decorations is the printer. offers a variety of free print-out Halloween projects. There is no easier or cheaper way to make pop-up pumpkins, spooky labels — even Halloween games and paper dolls.

3. Creative lanterns.

Make a jack ‘o lantern with a mason jar or old milk carton. Spoonful has great directions on how to make an easy, four-step “jar o’ lantern” and “spirit jugs.”

4. Make your own treat boxes.

Instead of buying a pre-made candy bucket or bag, make your own this year. Two Gals and a Blog has a list of 10 Halloween crafts for kids, including a link to making a treat bag, via the blog Treat Celebrate Explore.

5. A trick-or-treat wreath. 

We love this seasonal wreath, which you can make alongside your kids. Cut out canvas triangles for oversized candy corns and let your kids glue them together. We love the button accents.

You could also make a much simpler (and disposable) version of this Halloween wreath using construction paper and cardboard.

Pick up craft supplies at Michaels online. You can also find plenty of home decor (premade) here, too, for the things you can’t or don’t have time to make yourself. Save money on Michaels purchases by using a coupon, which you can find here.

Here’s a DIY trick for you: Use premade craft kits to make your projects easier, like this Halloween banner kit from Michaels. Embellish as much or as little as you’d like, and let your kids add a personal touch.

Read more articles about Michaels here.

Looking to save money on other products for your kids? Check out these coupons for babies and kids.

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