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Grill Pro cooking and cleaning accessories

July 8th, 2013

Grill Pro is a wonderful brand for grilling enthusiasts. The large product selection includes such items as grills, grill parts, baskets, aprons, utensils, marinades, seasonings and grill tools. The products are high quality and made with high end designs for wonderful and tasty grilling experiences with plenty of menu options and ease of cooking and cleaning. Grill Pro is owned by Broil King, a Canadian company based in Ontario. Broil King is a leading manufacturer and distributor of barbecue grill products with more brands in its portfolio along with Grill Pro including Sterling, Huntington, Broil-Mate, Big Steel Keg and Barbecue Genius. Broil King was founded in 1906. These products make food preparation and cleaning simpler:

Grill Pro GRP23515 Grill Pro Stainless Steel H Burner 16inch is a durable component compatible with most H-style gas grill burners. $38 is the average retail price for this item at online stores.

GRILL PRO Square Porcelain Coated Grill Top Wok is a durable wok top for grills to combine both cooking styles efficiently and at the same time. It features holes for liquids to drain through as well as easy to hold handles that also help it prop neatly up on the grill. This item is sold for an average online retail price of $15.

GRILL PRO Stainless Steel Tri-Head Grill Brush is a durable product designed for cleaning grills vigorously to remove such debris and leftovers as food particles, ashes and soot. It’s made of tough stainless steel at it has three sides of hard stainless steel bristles.$10 is the average retail price for this item on the internet.

Grillpro 19.5″” Universal H Burner 23513 is compatible with most H-style burners and it’s made of a strong and durable stainless steel. $40 is the average retail price for this item at online stores.


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