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Get around with the greatest of ease with products from Drive

March 26th, 2013

Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside CommodePut yourself back in control of your life and don’t allow medical issues to be a problem any longer. These five products from Drive are ideal in making life a little bit simpler and having you regain the independence that you’ve longed for. There is no need to just rely on someone else all the time anymore.

Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside Commode: Accidents don’t need to happen and this wheeled commode proves just that. The drop arm allows for safe lateral patient transfers to and from the chair. An easily removable back makes things even easier when needing to transfer or just get situated better.

Adjustable Height Bath Stool: Showering can be a real chore when dealing with medical issues, but not anymore. This crack-proof and tarnish resistant bath stool from Drive is the answer to your problems. It is sturdy and extremely durable to support you weight and keep you from slipping at all times while in the bath or shower.

Plastic Transfer Bench With Adjustable Backrest: The new A-frame construction offers up great amounts of extra stability and it can be put together without any tools at all. The height can be adjusted in minor half-inch increments for whatever size or situation you may need.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat Transfer Bench: There are those times that extra help and stability is needed, and that’s where this Drive heavy duty bariatric seat transfer bench comes into play. The tool-free assembly is incredibly secure and can accommodate up to 500 pounds.

Aluminum Shower Chair and Commode with Casters: Stay situated in the shower without worrying about an accident or needing to get out when a bathroom situation may occur. The non-skid, rust resistant, swivel casters on the bottom allow you to be rolled easily in and then have two of them locked in place so that there is no fear in movement at any time you don’t want it.


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