Great travel gear goodies all under $25

Great travel gear goodies all under $25

July 17th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

Traveling does not have to be expensive.

Sure, you can unnecessarily rack up the bills by things such as the world’s most expensive suitcase (a Henk Travelfriend for $20,000) to stay at the world’s most expensive private island (Musha Cay, starting at $24,750 per day).

Or you could be a savvy and not wasteful traveler.

Walmart has a reputation for its cheap prices, and that extends to travel gear, too. Here are some great deals — all under $25 — on travel must-haves to save you big on your next vacation.

0003905200193_180X1801. The fix-all solution for electronics in your car. You can blow some major cash on electronics, and then more trying to make them work the way you want them to. Stop the guesswork and pick up a USB car and power adapter combo before your next road trip. For just $20.47, this kit can work with pretty much every kind of phone, mp3-4-5-whatever game or music gadget you can buy. Even includes a worldwide adapter.

Shop online and use some of the Walmart coupon codes to save even more, and buy through to get 1.5 percent Cash Back with Walmart’s current special offer.

0001527273067_180X1802. The organization and luggage solution: a six-piece travel bag set. Instead of buying all kinds of separate organization pockets and pouches, this package deal covers everything you could need — for under $10. For that seriously low rate, you get a garment bag, tote bag, laundry bag, travel kit, shoe bag and cube bag. Plus, these lightweight bags are designed to last a long time and they’re eco-friendly.

Compare this to buying each piece individually from other stores:

The Tumi Alpha wheeled garment bag alone is a whopping $645. Even a comparable garment bag on eBay (where things are supposed to be cheaper) is $35. This travel tote bag is $57.99 at As you see, the price tags can really add up.

0075057600727_180X1803. For your kids’ comfort while traveling: a cute Noodle Head Travel Buddy neck pillow, for just $12.49. Walmart has a variety of adorable neck pillows, from alligators to dolphins to princesses to Spiderman. Pick up a set of two — a cat and a dog — for $16.88.

Here’s a related innovative idea for road trips: a seat belt pillow, for under $10. This soft, micro-fleece pillow connects to the seat belt strap. It’s even machine washable, which every parent knows is practical and a necessity.

For mom and dad, pick up a two-pack of neck pillows for $16.85. Compare this to a Tempurpedic neck pillow at Brookstone for nearly $80.

Check out more travel coupons here and save on cars, airfare, hotels and more.

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