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Great gifts for plant-lovers

March 7th, 2013

Do you know someone that has a green thumb? Well delight him or her with some of these great gift ideas for the plant lover in your life. From live lavender plants to small apple orchards and even living bonsai art, there are lots of great ways to surprise someone you love.


There is nothing quite like the aroma of live lavender plants. Now, you can add that soothing scent of dried lavender to your home with this 12-inch Dried Fragrant Lavender Wreath from Jackson and Perkins. 12 inches in diameter, it will make a lovely addition to your home, while adding a lot of great lavender scent. Runs $49.95.

Another great way to bring that lavender scent into your home is with this great 4-inch Fragrant Lavender Basket. It makes a wonderful gift, with the soft purple woven basket and strong lavender scent. This basket costs $29.95.

Grow your own lavender to dry and give as gifts with this Lavender Lady Lilac Shrub. Perfect for the south and southwest areas, it doesn’t need the cold to bloom. This is a great way to bring the scent of lavender to your home year-round. Costs $17.95.

The Columnar Apple Collection makes a truly special gift, allowing anyone to enjoy an apple orchard in the smallest of spaces. With both flowers and fruit, they are great for potting in large containers or directly in the ground. You’ll be giving the best gift, because it is something that can be enjoyed again and again as the apples return. Runs $59.95.

Add a piece of living art, or give it as a great gift. This Juniper Bonsai in Cream Ceramic Container is carefully trained to a small six to eight inch height, but keeping the same lines as a full sized tree. It includes a beautiful ceramic container to make it the perfect gift. Costs $59.95.


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