Great gadget gift ideas for baby showers

Great gadget gift ideas for baby showers

July 1st, 2013

Motorola Baby MonitorBy Phil Hornshaw

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs out there. But it’s 2013, and you can do more than just feel bad for moms who have it tough – you can give them awesome baby shower gifts!

With all kinds of advancements in technology, there’s a huge number of gadgets that are baby shower-ready gifts. From prepping baby’s dinner to providing music that can be enjoyed in the womb, you’ll want to shop through all these tech ideas to find the best gifts for you.

Make Mom’s life easier

The best gadgets you can give new parents are the ones that help them more effectively care for their baby, while also reducing stress at the same time. Every parent needs a thermometer, for example, but while ear thermometers are standard, there’s a better way. Temporal thermometers can take a baby’s temperature more accurately using the temporal artery, and you can do it without even touching (and potentially irritating) the baby.

Thermometers like the Safety 1st Advanced Solutions temporal Thermometer and the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer are both affordable at just over $50, and you can find both at Amazon, or Target (which offer 2 percent Cash Back) and Walmart (which offers 2.5 percent Cash Back). While you’re shopping, consider an upgrade in the baby monitor department, too – Motorola’s MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a little on the expensive side at around $180, but it includes infrared video, a noise level monitor, and can even play five different lullabies.

There are lots of different sorts of video baby monitors (and audio-only ones, too) that can help seriously reduce parents’ stress, so it’s worth shopping around.

Baby Einstein

Studies have shown that babies respond positively to music even when in the womb, but strapping some headphones to mom’s belly isn’t exactly a practical way to utilize that information.

Gadgets like the Lullabelly Music Belt are a whole lot more useful for exposing babies to music before they’re out in the world. You can snag it from Amazon for about $55, and you can find other alternatives such as the Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt for about $70. It’s worth shopping around for the right gadgets for the expecting parents, and a little time spent shopping can lead to some great items that can help make their lives a whole lot easier.


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