Enhance your Fourth of July celebration with these gadgets

Enhance your Fourth of July celebration with these gadgets

June 27th, 2013

Grill AlertBy Phil Hornshaw

The Fourth of July is generally a bit of an unplugged holiday. Most people favor barbecues, pools, lakes and spending time in the outdoors — over hanging out inside with the latest technological marvels.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t gadgets that can make the Fourth better. You still need music for your party, tools for your grill and all kinds of other cool stuff. A little technology can go a long way toward making this summer holiday a blast, and a lot more convenient.

Grill it up

Possibly the most important part of any Fourth of July celebration (apart from fireworks, which aren’t legal in all states) is the food, which often falls to the realm of the barbecue. Cool grill tools can make for the perfect burgers, steaks or what have you and they can help free up more time for hanging out, instead of standing at the grill all afternoon.

One of the best items you can grab is a remote grill thermometer, like the Grill Alert from Brookstone (which also offers 5 percent Cash Back), that can help take the guesswork out of deciding whether those burgers and dogs are actually cooked all the way.

Another handy item: a solar-powered bug zapper light that can be placed near your barbecue, which you can grab from The Sharper Image (with as much as 8 percent Cash Back). That can help keep your food bug-free.

There are also tons of other useful grill tools as well, and it’s worth shopping around at The Sharper Image, Brookstone and Amazon for other potential useful items.

Bring the tunes

While you’re planning your great Fourth of July experiences, you might also want to consider some musical selections. Of course, getting your favorite songs outdoors can be tough, but with the right items, things get a lot easier.

Namely, what you want are Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can play tracks from items such as smartphones. RadioShack offers items like JBL’s Flip Portable speakers set, as well as 3 percent Cash Back, and you can find them at Best Buy as well with 2 percent Cash Back. There are a number of other sets of speakers available, so shop around to find what’s right for you.


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