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Golf essentials by Nike: Bags, irons and balls

June 20th, 2013

Golf is a game that is unlike any other sport. While you might be competing with others on the course, many times the competition is an individual one. Improving your swing and improving your overall game while enjoying the beautiful weather and scenic environment is part of what makes golf special. Take advantage of the many different golf essentials that Nike has to offer and ensure you are properly stocked before heading out to the tee.
The following are some golf essentials by Nike:
Nike Brassie Cart II Women’s Golf Bag – Dark Grey has an insulated cooler pocket, 9 functional pockets and a external putter well.
Nike Men’s Machspeed X Irons – (Steel) 4-AW is constructed from a hot, thin alloy face in a method that makes it an ultra fast iron. The faster speed from impact with the ball can turn into further distance and a much more comfortable fit in gripping.
Nike VR Pro Combo Forged (Right-Handed) Men’s Golf Irons Set – Silver comes with eight different clubs, with each one having a specialized purpose on the range or golf course. This set is meant to be used with right handed players and offers groove processing that can create a higher frequency in the face of the iron. Not only does this ensure increased consistency but it helps to maintain a more controlled swing.
2012 Women’s Sport Cart Bag is specially designed for a female golf player. It is constructed from an ultra lightweight material, is easy to handle and offers multiple storage compartments for a much more organized carrying bag. It has an integrated external putter well, 14 full length divider system and even insulated cooler pockets for water bottles on the golf course.
Power Distance Long Golf Balls are optimized for players with high swing speeds. These long distance power balls have a high velocity core to allow for increased distance from the tee.


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