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Get your child enthused about hockey with some essential products

June 10th, 2013

There are some sports that are difficult to play year-round. While golf can be practiced at a driving range or even inside the home, it doesn’t compare to actually going to a golf course. A common misconception about hockey is that it is a sport that have a limited time span in terms of the season. However, with ice rinks open year-round and off-ice hockey being just as popular, this is a sport that can be practiced regardless of the season. Hockey can be something that young kids can really thrive in and can be a sport that the whole family can participate in together.
The following are some hockey essential products that can get your children enthused about the sport:
Shield 1084542 Shield Multi-Purpose Barriers – Set of 8 is a barricade product that can be used to block the puck from going out of bounds. These interlocking pieces are a great way for parents to ensure kids have a designated area to play.
Sonic Inline Hockey Puck has a balancing feature and is made from PVC. It comes in a wide variety of bold colors and has power grooves set in the design for a stylized look. The grooves allow for increased acceleration and can make for a fun accent product for your kids.
Tour THOR G-l Goalie Roller Hockey Skates is an inline skate designed for use in hockey. This is a product that can be used for your child to practice hockey, even in the summer.
Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set is a street hockey set that includes the goal, no-bounce hockey ball and 2 hockey sticks.
Pro Guard ProGuard Glue Stick comes with 2 hot glue sticks. These are used to fasten the blade or stick end to the shaft of the actual hockey stick.


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