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Get what you need to laminate with Fellowes products

May 31st, 2013

Does your organization have a regular need to laminate ID cards, directions and other small documents? Then consider using Fellowes products so you can set up your own in-house laminating system. The brand’s products include shredders, laminating and binding machines, cutters, air purifiers and other office solutions. Check out the following products from Fellowes to find the right one for your organization.

Fellowes Callisto 125 Laminator is a must-have for any small office with lamination needs. The laminator can accommodate any pouch that is five millimeters or smaller, so go ahead and use it to preserve ID cards, recipes or other documents.

Fellowes Callisto 95 Laminator has an entry width of 9.5 inches, making it ideal for photographs and other documents. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally leaving the laminator on all weekend, either, as it automatically shuts off. It’s also easy to use, and warms up within approximately five minutes.

Fellowes Cosmic2 95 Laminator is a quick way to laminate what you need in a hurry. It only takes the laminator approximately five minutes to heat up and reach the right temperature, and the photograph or ID can be laminated within one minute. After all, who wants to spend all afternoon watching the laminator?

Now that you have your laminator, you’ll need to stock up on laminating pouches. The Fellowes Business Card Size Laminating Pouch is 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches, making it the perfect size for preserving IDs, business cards and small maps. There are five pouches to one package and are just the right amount for an office that doesn’t laminate frequently.

Fellowes 5mil Unpunched ID Card Laminating Pouches – 100pk Clear should be kept on hand if you need to laminate IDs or other important documents in a hurry. The clear pouch also makes it easy to see the document within.


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