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Get more bang for your buck: Playsets and 2 pack toys from Mattel

June 17th, 2013

In a struggling economy, it can be difficult to spoil your kids the way you might want to in terms of new toys. While toys are often thought of as just simple products kids enjoy, they can offer stimulation in creativity and imagination that can be a great developmental tool. A great way to stick to the budget without taking away from some toy splurges for your little one is to purchase some playset and combination products for your little one.
The following are some Mattel products that offer more bang for your buck:
DC Universe Action League Flashpoint Mini Figure 2 Pack Project Superman Batman is part of the DC Comics Action League series. It comes with 2 action figurines in fighting position. The average retail price for this product is a low $8, which can be quite moderate for getting 2 action figures in one purchase.
Batman Killer Croc Takedown Figure Set comes with a Batman figurine, Superman figurine, Killer Croc figurine, trap claw accessory and capture net accessory. This 5 piece set is a great way to promote imagination play in your little one.
Angry Birds Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Battle Game is everything you love in the popular Angry Birds app game. This battle game features numerous parts that can be played individually or as the actual battle game. Your kids will love setting it up and knocking it down.
DC Batman Brave and the Bold Action League Mini Figure 2 Pack Batman Vs. The Demon Etrigan comes with the hero and villain to provide a readily set up combination play pack for your little one. Rather than having to purchase 2 action figures separately, this is a product that can be shared between siblings to cut costs.
Batman Power Attack Blast and Battle Batcave Play Set is an imagination play set that can create hours of fun.


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