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Gently cleanse hair with more natural shampoos

July 5th, 2013

Nature’s Gate is a company that believes in the healing powers of natural components that you can find all over the world. From floral ingrdients, to well blended oils and vitamins, Nature’s Gate tries hard to leave their customers happy with the products they’ve purchased, and better hair because of it. Wake your hair up to the new possibilities out there with these fantastic shampoo options. It’s never too late to fix damage that you’ve done to your hair, even if it may look like it. 

Nature’s Gate – Shampoo Shine-Enhancing Henna – 18 oz does all of the typical shampoo jobs, but has a special restorative power that helps your hair to shine like never before. Hair can get brassy over the course of time, and once bright colors can also fade. This shampoo formula restores natural and color-treated hair back to its former glory, and at a very reasonable price too.

Nature’s Gate – Shampoo Volumizing Awapuhi – 18 oz takes a cue from harnessing many natural ingredients found in plants and flowers and uses them in a beautiful blend that creates better looking hair. Begin to transform your hair, as this shampoo helps to make hair look fuller and adds body so it creates more movement. 

Nature’s Gate Baby Soothing Shampoo (18 Oz) helps little ones when they’re being picky about falling asleep, or when they are stressed out. Wash your child’s hair with this gentle formula which leaves their hair shiny and silky smooth to the touch. Ingredients like sage, yarrow and rosemary create a soothing, and delightful scented blend of shampoo that will help relax tired heads. 
Nature’s Gate Herbal Daily Cleansing Shampoo 18oz shampoo is best used by those who have to wash their hair daily, or those who have finer hair. This shampoo will draw out the impurities in your hair, while also cleaning your scalp thoroughly and eliminating stressed hair follicles.


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