Gadgets that will get your kids up and moving

Gadgets that will get your kids up and moving

July 9th, 2013

DanceBy Dan Kricke

Although more and more studies show that children aren’t getting enough exercise in their daily life, that’s no reason to throw in the towel. Kids might not be running around the jungle gym playing tag like they did years ago, but there are still plenty of ways to engage kids of all ages in exercise — and you never know, they might even have fun while doing it.

Take the game of ring toss. On its surface, it’s hardly a strenuous activity. But what if you made it a game where players had to catch the rings tossed by another player’s sword? Okay, I realize that sounds strange, but RingStix, a game for children of all ages, manages to be both fun and a good workout at the same time.

Players have to use hand eye coordination to catch the rings tossed by other players, and with everyone running around tossing rings, they’ll get the workout they won’t get from sitting around playing video games. RingStix are sold at numerous retailers including Nordstrom, where shoppers can get up to 6 percent Cash Back.

If your kid is the kind tied to the couch playing Xbox all day, you might want to look at a game like Just Dance 3. Rather than promote a sedentary lifestyle, Just Dance 3 gets players up and moving as they perform various dance routines to popular songs. Just Dance 3 and other similar exercise-friendly games can be purchased from GameStop and the retailer is currently offering 2.5 percent Cash Back on purchases.

Sometimes we don’t even need games or toys to get a kid to work out. A strong example set by mom or dad might be all they need. After all, your kid wants to be just like you, and now they can with the Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids. Redmon sells tiny stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and barbells for little tykes. While the workout they get from pretending to be like mom or dad might not be as strenuous as running around outside, it will help instill the proper values of getting a good workout from a very early age. Amazon has the whole set priced individually from $80 to $99 an item.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep teens thinking about their workouts or just trying to get little kids on the right path, there are plenty of gadgets and items to add some fun to your kiddos fitness regimen.


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