Fun ways to introduce your kids to sports |

Fun ways to introduce your kids to sports

November 14th, 2013

All Star Sports Climber

By Brittany Anas

Playing pee wee sports presents several benefits for kids: Exercise, of course. But, they’re also introduced to the fundamentals of teamwork, build confidence and learn about practicing and honing skills. And from the bleachers — let’s admit it — it’s fun to watch little kids cluster around the ball and learn a new sport.

But even before you sign your kids up for sports leagues at the local recreation center, here’s how you can introduce them to sports and gauge their interests. Or, in other cases, build their excitement over the games that you loved playing when you were a kid. Find tplay sets at Kmart, where you can 8 percent Cash Back and save with more than 100 coupons when you shop with

  • The All-In-One Sports Climber ($79.35) is for ages 2 to 6 and is like a mini sports complex — introducing your little ones to basketball, soccer and football. They can shoot hoops on the side, climb up a “rock wall,” and zip down a slide, all while developing some solid hand-eye coordination. Built-in scoreboards let kids keep track of games. The set comes with a junior-sized basketball, football and a soccer ball.
  • Get some academics and athletics with the Laugh & Learn Basketball set ($35) that is for kids 6 months to 3 years of age. The adjustable hoop can grow with your toddler. While your little one is “shooting hoops,” the basketball set will teach concepts — like letters, numbers and counting, colors and shapes. There are five interactive light-up shapes, a light-up rim and a smiling backboard.
  • For a budding soccer player in the 3-to-5-year age range, the Fisher Price Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer ($27) game is a great early introduction. It comes with everything you’ll need — a net, goal, soccer ball, adjustable target and score keeper. At the “beginning level,” kids will hear an announcer and a “crowd” going wild when they simply get the ball in the goal. For more advanced kickers, there’s an adjustable target.

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