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Fun holiday crafts for kids

December 19th, 2012

Santa is on his way – and so is a long break from school. The kids will be home and looking to you for entertainment. With some of our fun holiday craft tips, you can keep your kids busy and having fun for quite awhile. Plus, you’ll have mementos to save for years to come.

Fun ideas for cool Christmas ornaments: DIY Christmas ornament sno-globe and DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes are easy to make and gorgeous to look at. Homemade ornaments out of styrofoam balls, straight pins and colorful sequins not only look good on your own tree but make a nice, handmade present for close relatives.

Also, clear or white ornaments can be found where most ornaments are sold. Then, just add some paint and glitter and viola… not so clear or white anymore!

Or, how about a peppermint wreath ornament? Lay out the peppermints in a circle, forming a wreath. Bond together with icing if you want it to be edible, otherwise, glue works fine. Decorate the peppermints with cinnamon candy or other small candies. Let the wreath dry. Tie a string around it and hang! Easy, pretty and fun to make.

Kids love Play-Doh. Here are some fun, winter-spirity recipes to make your own which is sure to bring hours of enjoyment and it’s not bad for the budget, either. There is a delicious smelling Gingerbread play-doh or a beautiful Rainbow Glitter Play-doh recipe. With the Rainbow glitter play-doh, just leaving it white is perfect for winter scenes.

Pom Pom Snowmen are cute and fun to make. All you need are white pom poms, small googly eyes, felt for hats and facial features and glue. Paper plate Snowmen are another easy and fun idea. All you need are two paper plates, construction paper, glue and crayons to decorate.

Tinfoil Pictures: Tear up tin foil into thin strips or cut into shapes and glue them onto construction paper. Decorate with sparkles and hang on the wall to enjoy.

Holiday Hand Print pictures: These types of crafts are fun because we get to immortalize our babies hands…or their hand prints. They are fun to look at, year after year, to see how much their hands have grown.

To make a reindeer from a hand print, trace the child’s hand on construction paper. Trace a shod foot. Cut them out. The footprint is the reindeer’s face, the hands are the antlers. Glue into place on another piece of construction paper. Decorate.

A handful of snowmen: Dip your child’s hand in non-toxic white paint and “stamp” it onto another piece of construction paper. Each finger is a snowman to decorate. The palm, the hill the snowmen are on. Once the paint dries, decorate it! So cute!

For some really amazing ideas, visit Pinterest. Be warned, you’ll get so caught up in looking at projects you want to make with your kids that it might not leave time to actually make them!

Hobby Lobby and Michaels have everything you could possibly need to keep your kids creatively busy, all break long.

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