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Fried spiders? Cobra hearts? Bizarre food you can find around the world

August 12th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

Indiana Jones ate monkey brains, but that’s just the movies. No one would actually eat monkey brains in the real world. Right?

Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to know the answer. Monkey brains are not exactly popular, but they are considered a delicacy by some people in parts of South Asia, China and Africa, according to a NBC foods story.

Here are some other strange foods you may find in your travels overseas:

1. When McDonalds, just isn’t McDonalds.

You can find a Vegemite English muffin at McDonalds in Australia. A shrimp-burger in Japan. And “SingaPorridge” in Singapore. That’d be porridge filled with onions, chicken, ginger and other goodies.

Deep-fried insects are popular snacks in Cambodia -- seriously.

Deep-fried insects are popular snacks in Cambodia — seriously.

2. Creepy crawly snacks.

It’s true that people in Cambodia do eat spiders, and you can find fried crickets and other insects as easily as hot dog vendors in NYC. According to Best Cambodia Tours, deep-fried insects (crickets, ant eggs, water bugs, scorpions) are popular — and high in protein.

“Although its appearance may be thrilling, the amazing taste definitely won’t make you feel regret for trying it. This is really an incredible and exciting experience of Cambodian cuisine,” the website claims.

This is a pack of duck tongue.

This is a pack of duck tongue.

3. Say “Ahhhhh.” 

A big plate of tongue may not exactly sound appetizing. But duck tongue is a popular dish in China. Want to try cooking your own duck tongue? AliExpress sells wholesale duck tongue online. Only $1.22 per pack, free shipping. Come on, aren’t you tempted?

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4. Because eating snake isn’t crazy enough.

You can eat live cobra heart in Vietnam. This isn’t on every menu. But people in Vietnam really do eat these things. Live, beating — and in your mouth. You may have seen this on season two of “Gordon’s Great Escape,” when Gordon Ramsey gave a live snake heart a go. Or that might be when you turned the channel. Either way, there’s video proof.

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