West Elm and other stores that have surprisingly awesome pet gear

Four-legged style: Stores that have surprisingly awesome pet gear

June 11th, 2013

(Photo courtesy of West Elm)


(Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn)


(Photo courtesy of REI)

By Brittany Anas

When we found out that West Elm — one of our bookmarked sites for stylish home goods — also carried a line of pet gear, we were Bow-wow-wowed. Turns out that some of the stores that are best known for home goods, sporting goods or even groceries also have a hidden stash of pet goods. Like a bone in the back yard, we’ve dug up some pet coupons and stylish finds for Fido.

Here are some unsuspecting places where you can find unique pet gear:

West Elm: Sit, roll over, now learn to read? The Wagwear dog bowls at West Elm spell out “hungry” and “thirsty.” Your dog’s keen sense of smell will make up for his reading ability in helping decipher the difference between water and kibble.The West Elm collection of pet care products is Spot on with the rest of the store’s products — great design with clean lines and classic colors. West Elm’s Billy Wolf bandana is a simple yet stylish accent. Our only question … Does that cute dog come with the bandana?

Cost Plus World Market: Ever thought your dog was a Hollywood diva in a past life? This faux fur lounge bed is a cozy and chic place for your pet to sleep and it makes for a fashionable home accent.

Pottery Barn: It’s always a bit alarming to step on your dog’s squeaky T-bone toy when you’re stumbling out of bed in the morning. This dog-bone shaped toy box with leather handles is something that we’d want to incorporate into the design scheme of our living room. Now, if only you could teach your dog and your kids to put away their toys …

REI: Dog is man’s best friend and a darn good camping buddy. So of course it makes sense for REI to have an impressive collection of gear for adventurous dogs. This LED collar will help you keep track with your four-legged BFF while on camping trips or if you guys just bust out into a late-night game of Frisbee.

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