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Find your perfect shaver from Gillette and Headblade

July 15th, 2013

Taking your razor with you while you travel is easy to do, and there are so many brands that offer inexpensive options that you can purchase as your backup. You can also find great deals for razors that you can use in the home, that are both disposable and are more advanced to fit all of your shaving needs. Take a look at some of the fantastic options you have from brands like Gillette and Headblade.

Gillette Sensor3 Men Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor – 4 Pack is made specifically to accomodate for those who deal with more sensitive skin than most. Materials that make up the razor won’t cause irritation, and also help to cleanly cut facial hair without pulling and causing the skin discomfort. 

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor with Cartridges releases a tantalizing aroma that’s sure to make you an instant fan. Each pack comes with additional cartridges so that you’ll have backups when ever the blades become dull and won’t cut hair properly. Take your shaving to another level with a razor that easily glides and leaves skin feeling smooth.

Personna Twin II Plus Non Pivoting Cartridges with Lubricating Strip – 10 Ea don’t have pivoting heads, which causes the user to have to shave a little more frequently in one go, but still lathers up and lubricates the skin. Each package comes in ten, which also saves you multiple trips to the store.

Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shave 1 razor means business as you shave your head for an all over smoothness. This shaver doesn’t need a lot of pressure applied, and still cuts hair closely without causing any uncomfortable razor burn. For those who know that bald is beautiful, and who also don’t like to see their hair thinning will appreciate this easy-to-use device that is reasonably priced at $14 on average online.


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