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Find unique necklaces from great jewelers

June 9th, 2013

Necklaces are not only pretty, but they say something about a person’s personality. You have you’re own style and flair, and that also means you want to find the right type of jeweler that says something important to you. Take a look at a few options from wonderful brands you might enjoy.

Artisan Birthstone Necklace – Gold – 1 is a great idea for any birthday throughout the year. Special birthstone gems are set within the delicate golden circle, and the best part is that you can also add birthstones of other family members too. This necklace will celebrate the births of all those people that are important to you, or are important to the wearer.

Artisan Delicate Necklace – Gold are a lovely spin on the traditional circle pendant that you can find on most necklaces. This two-toned necklace can be personalized to be stamped with the first letter of your name, or of someone you love. A pearl is also placed on the surface of the necklace to give it an additional touch of whimsy.

Artisan Sentiments Necklace – Friendship + Motherhood – Friendship  represents the strength, and the friendship that someone pulls from their mother. This highly attractive necklace comes in an amethyst gem, or a more green amethyst stone that looks fashionable and will make the wearer happy. 

Black Hills Gold 10K Onyx Heart Pendant
has a pretty “liquid” look, with a rich black color that is unique and draws attention. Flowers in different colored gold sit on top of the heart, and their stems wrap around the edges for a secure fit.

Bronze Loving Family® Heart Necklace – Parents and 2 Children is an ideal gift for any mother, sister or woman in your life that focuses on the family. This beautiful necklace depicts four figures standing together in a circle, and embracing one another-or reaching out to each other- as a sign of “completeness” or of family love. Fashioned in bronze, this necklace is sure to look great no matter what outfit you wear.


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