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Fight it out with these great video games for the summer

June 10th, 2013

Video games are made with specific groups of people in mind. There are learning video games for all walks of life. There are preschool games for those that are just getting into the world and need to stay wholesome. There are racing games for those living in the fast lane. There are sports games for those that never quite had the talent to live up to expectations on the field or the court. The there are, of course, those that love to shoot it out and battle with weapons and explosives.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Limited Edition (playstation 3) – Become a part of the stealth unit and learn how to handle the tough world of battling it out in the field. War zones will become your baseball diamond as you choose from a vast array of weapons and team up with other players to complete your missions.

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time (nintendo 3ds) – Swing through the streets and become the web-slinger as he tries to keep the people safe while keeping his identity a secret. Spider-Man will battle out his most well-known foes that will try to stop him no matter what they have to do, and it’s up to you to defeat them all.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing (nintendo 3ds) – Race through the universe as Ben 10 and come face-to-face with aliens that have never been seen by anyone in the world. Choose your racer and your course and put the pedal to the metal so that you can take the top spot as the overall best racer of the universe.

Dream Trigger 3d (nintendo 3ds) – Collect 100 trophies over 50 different stages along with defeating numerous bosses in strategic methods of achievement. Your goal is to expose all of your enemies by triggering sonar bombs and bringing them out into the open. At that point, destroy them into 3D explosions that rain out bright shows of color.

Nano Assault (nintendo 3ds) – The Nanostray virus DNA is out there and will create all kinds of havoc and destruction unless you can find it and figure out just how to destroy it. There are 32 total stages of cells and dark worlds that will have you traversing the vast lands in your Nanite vessel and using both your skills and strategic abilities to defeat such bosses as Spore Plants, Hyper Blobs, and the destructive Black Nucleus.


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