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Feel comfortable and confident with these Hanes products

June 24th, 2013

Hanes has been around for a long time, offering great products and making customers happy. These packs are incredibly soft, don’t ride up, and are comfortable to wear the entire day. Whether you’re at the office, or at home, Hanes has you covered, and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Check out some of these great options that come in multiple patterns and colors.

Hanes Cotton String Bikini 6-Pack-Assorted Size 6 are breathable, and made of cotton that is soft to the touch. This pack of underwear is perfect to wear with low-rise jeans or shorts, and you won’t even notice them the whole day. Packs come in different color variations, so it’s up to you on which you like the best.

Hanes Women’s Body Creations ComfortSoft Stretch Nylon Hi-Cut Panties 3-Pack, Assorted Size 10 helps to give you a little shape, and fits well without rubbing against your skin and causing discomfort. You can wear these with jeans or with skirts, as they won’t show up as much with either fabric.

Hanes Women’s Body Creations Stretch Satin Briefs, 3-Pack offers a cooler and softer feel, all day long. The pack comes in many colors so if you don’t have enough of something in your drawer, you can pick more up. Stylish and comfortable, this pacl of underwear will suit your needs.

Hanes Women’s ComfortSoft Cotton Stretch Lace Boy Brief Panties 3-Pack, Assorted Size 7 are extremely comfortable, and look adorable. Each pack can be purchased online, or through various retail stores near you for no more than $10.

Hanes Women’s ComfortSoft Stretch Cotton Low Rise Brief 3-Pack, Assorted Size 7 will give you an all over protection that feels soft to the touch and won’t feel uncomfortable halfway through your day. Grab a pack or two at $8 each online, or in retail clothing stores like Target.


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