Fashionable back to school gadgets for teens |

Fashionable back to school gadgets for teens

September 6th, 2013

Air HogsBy Dan Kricke

Teens can be notoriously fickle shoppers. They want something that’s cool, but not too cool so they can still feel original. It’s a very complicated game they play. Luckily, has created a handy guide filled with gadgets for all kinds of teens. We’ve listed some of our favorite items below. And savvy shoppers can rack up extra savings with these coupons, too!

Air Hogs – Heli Replay ($29.99)

Remote control helicopters never looked half as cool when I was a kid. These air hogs choppers offer up numerous ways to fly. Teens can choose between the included remote control or download a free flight control app that lets them control the chopper right from their smart phone. They can even steer the chopper with their phone’s accelerometer. Daredevil pilots will also appreciate that the Air Hog comes with two spare tail rotors in case something happens to the original rotor.

GoPro 3D Hero System ($71.99)

If you’re looking to combine two 1080p HD HERO cameras into a single package for 3D video recording while also recording in 2D, this 3D Hero System is the best way to do it. A plastic housing system keeps the cameras together and safe from weather elements while a simple cable synchronizes the two cameras so they capture the exact scene you’re shooting for.

Atari Arcade iPad Dock ($60.00)

The iPad has become a great place to relive retro gaming thanks to the ease of porting older titles to the device. But controlling those classic games with touch-screen buttons has always been a bit of a pain. Not so anymore with the Atari Arcade iPad Dock. This dock sets up your iPad like it’s the screen of a classic arcade cabinet without all the hassle of having an entire arcade cabinet in your house.

Abraham Lincoln Flash Drive ($24.95)

I may be a bit biased, as I have a folks near and dear to me who love Lincoln, but I think this Lincoln flash drive will set the history-loving teen out from the rest of his peers and maybe help create some lifelong friends with similar presidential crushes.  At 8GB, it has more than enough space to save a whole school year’s worth of homework and more.

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