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Far more than just toner cartridges offered by Ricoh

May 19th, 2013

IBM Black Ribbon 07K4446Ricoh is a company that specializes in electronic products. The company produces everything from cameras to office equipment and has become a leader in professional use items. While many people focus on toner cartridges when it comes to their printing needs, there are many different options to choose from for professional use. Printing ribbons are used by companies to create barcodes and other more specific printing uses and can be a much more functional product offered by Ricoh. Take advantage of a quality brand for professional printing and look beyond simple toner cartridges.

The following are some more specialized products offered by Ricoh:

IBM Black Ribbon (07K4446) is meant to be used with IBM A01 and A03 printers. Not only will it create a quality black print but it has a low moderate price averaging around $25 per ribbon.

IBM 57P2308 Black Matrix Printer Ribbon – Pack of 6 is compatible with IBM Line Matrix Printer models 6400-i05-4800, 6400-i10-4800, 6400-i15-4800, 6400-i1P-4800 and 6400-i5P-4800. It features a “Clean Hands” ribbon aspect for quality printing without all the hassles that come with other similar office products.

IBM 53P9397 Tricolor Laser Photodeveloper has a typical page yield of around 28,000 pages. This product is compatible with IBM InfoPrint models 3900 and 4000 and InfoPrint Color 1228.

IBM 28P2625 Usage Kit has a typical page yield of 300,000 pages. It comes with a fuser, charge roll and transfer roll. It has an average retail price of around $450 per unit. This product is meant to be used with IBM InfoPrint 1140.

IBM (41U1680) Black Ribbon is a pack of 6 Dot Matrix Ribbon cartridges. It is specifically designed to be used with the IBM 6500 series of Dot Matrix Printers including models V05, V10, V15, V1P, V20 and V5p. The average retail price of this product is around $180.


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