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Fall outerwear finds for the whole family

October 18th, 2013


(Girl's Hooded Fleece Toggle Jacket from Old Navy)

(Girl’s Hooded Fleece Toggle Jacket from Old Navy)

(Boy's Corduroy Trucker Jacket from Old Navy)

(Boy’s Corduroy Trucker Jacket from Old Navy)

By Brittany Anas

It’s that time of year when you’ll seem like a negligent parent if you send your kid to school without a jacket — and an overprotective one if you send your kid off in a ginormus puffy jacket, hat, gloves, scarf and space heater.

Fall outerwear strikes the perfect balance of keeping us warm — but not making us break a sweat when the sun peeps out later in day. So while we’re in that limbo and not yet ready for heavy winter jackets, we’ve shopped Old Navy, where you can get 4 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com, for some ideal fall outerwear pieces for the whole family. These jackets are at great price points and right on trend for fall 2013.

For mom: Puffer jackets are “so in” this fall. Unlike previous seasons, quilting on these jackets make them less puffy (read: less likely to add 15 pounds to your frame). We’re also digging the refined look of puffer jackets this fall that come in tweed. Shop the Women’s Quilted Tweed Puffa Vest here. It’s an online-only find.

(Also, check out our tips for how to layer this fall and look skinny doing it).

For dad: Dress it down with denim or make it the finishing piece of your business-casual look. Either way, you’ll look sharp (and stay warm) in a wool blend jacket — which is right on trend for fall 2013. We found this wool blend jacket in charcoal gray and black at Old Navy.

For girls: The Hooded Fleece Toggle Jacket from Old Navy is equal parts comfy and cute. It’s finished off with plush sherpa lining to keep your little girl cozy. The jacket comes in red, gray and navy.

For boys: Even the name hints that the Corduroy Trucker Jacket is a smidge Hipster. It looks perfect layered over a plaid shirt or long-sleeved henley. Find the jacket in a caramel or volcanic ash color — both have a sherpa collar. This jacket is on sale right now for just $25.

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