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Experience Paul Mitchell shampoo products for yourself

July 5th, 2013

Whether your hair is completely natural and hasn’t ever seen the inside of a foil fold, or if you’re the queen or king of color processing and product usage, Paul Mitchell has you covered with outstanding hair wash products. It’s hard enough to figure out what your hair responds to the best, but with these items you might have a better chance. Some people stick by a certain brand for years as they trust it the most, but sometimes it takes a couple of times before you find the right one. These products might be the solution you haven’t tried yet, and here’s a sneak at just a few.

Paul Mitchell Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo 8.5oz is perfect for those who stay out in the sun all day, whether from work or play. This product shields your hair from damages that could happen from the sun or from being color-treated, while locking in nutrients and oils that are beneficial for strong hair growth. 

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo 10.14 oz combines three great scents to produce a shampoo that moistures, soothes and treats hair and scalp all at once. Calm your hair and skin down with this shampoo so that you can manage it once more, and won’t have to see so many strands break all the time. 

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo 33.8 Oz helps your hair to hold body, grow thicker and smell good all at the same time. You can use this every day, or a few times  a week, until you can figure out how it affects your hair. Gently wash roots to tip with a great blend of ingredients that won’t dry out your hair.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Special Conditioner Duo is a great way to wash your hair quickly, if you have a busy schedule. These two products together work well, and compliment one another to create a moisturizing experience for your hair that will leave it shiny and smooth.


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