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Everyday Fashion and Finance blogger gets stylishly cheap

August 16th, 2013

Meghan Crane Everyday Fashion and FinanceAs a licensed CPA, it’s no wonder Meghan Crane started the blog Everyday Fashion and Finance. This girl loves to shop and understands the value of being budget savvy when it comes to your closet. With a passion for fashion and knowledge of finance, she uses her blog to inspire us to have fun with style without credit-card debt. And for that, we thank her! Meet Meghan …

Where I’m based: Metro Detroit

How long I’ve been blogging: Since February 2013

Blog/business basics: My blog takes what I am passionate about and what I am knowledgeable about, and that gives you Everyday Fashion and Finance. It is a place for budget friendly fashion finds and advice. My motto is that fashion and beauty should be fun and make us feel good without putting us into credit card debt!

What do you enjoy most about blogging? There are so many things I love about blogging! One thing that really surprised me was the sense of community and the friendships that have been formed in such a short period of time. It really is an amazing and supportive community of women. Through social media, collaborations and just asking each other for advice, I’ve built some great relationships with other bloggers, and I am thankful for that!

I also enjoy the creative outlet that blogging gives me. I wanted to be a journalism major in college, but somehow ended up an accounting major. It is fun to express my personal style and do “research” for the blog. I started my blog as a way to show women that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be fashionable and look your best. Since I started my blog, I also feel like I’ve taken more risks with fashion and really allowed myself to step outside the box a bit. I still like to maintain a very classic and timeless style, but I am no longer afraid to mix some trendy items in there as well. It’s all about knowing where to splurge and where to save.

Other blogs I love: I read so many blogs on a daily basis, so it is too hard to choose a favorite. I will say that the first blog I starting reading daily (and still read today) is For All Things Lovely. I saw Megan in an issue of Lucky Magazine, and she was wearing a pair of heels I just had to have. So, I decided to check out her blog, and the rest is history.

Guilty pleasure: Definitely the shows Pretty Little Liars (yes, I know I am 30) and the Real Housewives of Orange County. Just something about the drama! I also love sushi. I could eat it every day. One time when my husband was out of town for work, I did just that. I ate sushi for dinner five nights in a row, and it was awesome.

Last thing I bought: The herringbone excursion vest that just popped up in the J.Crew Factory stores. I missed out on the J.Crew retail version last year and have been stalking eBay since, so I was thrilled there as a Factory version this year!

Fav stores to shop: J.Crew, Tory Burch, Kate Spade — if only I could shop at these places all the time! I also love Target, Banana Republic, LOFT, J.Crew Factory, Old Navy and Nordstrom.

How did you learn how to shop responsibly? Lots and lots of mistakes. I used to be a terrible shopper. I wouldn’t go shopping that often, and then when I did, I would spend entirely too much. I would also spend it all in one store. I would end up with things I didn’t really love, so then this process would start again the following year since I had “no clothes.” I was wasting money.

I have found that shopping responsibly is all about knowing what you like and what you want and then taking the time to find it at the right price point. Patience is a virtue. I would buy the entire J.Crew catalog if I could, but I can’t. To shop responsibly, you just can’t go out shopping without a plan. Well, unless you’re a guy, then maybe you can.

So, I take inventory of my closet each season and really analyze what is in there. I determine which pieces I need to fill the holes, what trends I want to try this season, what classic pieces I might be missing, etc. I make a list of “key pieces” and go from there. With a plan and a list of things I am looking for, shopping around is less stressful, and I can take the time to find the right thing at the right price.

When I am shopping, I think about how many times I will wear an item and plan outfits in my head to determine whether it is worth it. If I can’t think of three ways to wear it immediately, then it’s probably not worth it. I also wait for sales (there are always sales) and look for coupon/discount codes online. I rarely buy anything at full price. It is much easier than you may think!

What’s your favorite thing in your closet? This is a tough one! My favorite thing right now is easily my Aztec maxi skirt from 3brunettes Boutique. It is really flattering, and it is my favorite piece for summer! Overall though, probably my chambray shirt from J.Crew. I would wear chambray every day, if I could. It’s comfortable and goes with everything! I’ve worn it to work with a pencil skirt, with shorts, with colored or printed denim, tied over a maxi dress, you name it! It also transitions from season to season and can easily be layered, so it is definitely a must-have item.

What is the best budgeting advice you have when it comes to shopping for clothes?  There is a lot I could say about budgeting, but a couple of my go-to rules for shopping on a budget are the “price per wear” rule and the “70/30″ rule.

The “price per wear” rule forces you to think about how often you will wear an item. Determining the price per wear is important to consider because we often focus only on the price of an item, which leads to impulse purchases because something “is such a good deal” or “so cheap”. Our judgment is often clouded, and we don’t consider how often we will actually wear the item, which then results in a closet filled with clothes barely worn. Been there, done that.

The “70/30″ rule is simple: 70 percent of your closet should be classic pieces and 30 percent should be trendy pieces. Try to save on trendy pieces because they have a short closet lifespan. Splurge a little or go designer on classic pieces such as handbags, coats/blazers, regular denim, timeless sweaters, certain shoes and certain pieces of jewelry. Follow the sales, and you can most always get the classic investment pieces you want at a discount. And guess what? You will find that you wear those pieces the most and longer, bringing the price per wear down considerably and getting you the most bang for your buck! I love how these rules interact! You can read more about these rules on my blog.