Erin Cannon paints The Fashion Canvas with all the latest trends |

Erin Cannon paints The Fashion Canvas with all the latest trends

August 23rd, 2013

Erin Cannon The Fashoin CanvasErin Cannon is the girl behind The Fashion Canvas. She loves dressing for the seasons and flaunts a girly, trendy style that is oh-so-cute. She loves playing with trends and sharing them with her readers. We for one are excited she does — we’ve learned all about pattern mismatch, metallics and colorblocking! Meet Erin …

Where I’m based: I am born and bred out of Salt Lake City.

How long I’ve been blogging: I am approaching my one year mark of blogging! It has been one of the most fun and interesting hobbies I have ever taken on.

Blog/business basics: My blog is a fashion based journal that allows readers to get a peek inside my fashion sense and closet! Although I like to spend money on some items, I am generally a very trendy dresser, which means I like to pair more expensive handbags, jewelry, etc. with more trendy and inexpensive clothing pieces. I think this makes me very approachable and actually allows your girls to buy what I am wearing or make their own interpretation of it. I have also recently started the Trend Spin Linkup! We announce a weekly trend (stripes, florals, etc.) and then bloggers link up their blog posts or how they wore that trend. We have grown extremely fast and get hundreds of blog linkups a week which has made it so fun and exciting.

What do you enjoy most about blogging? I love the friendships I have made and also enjoy challenging myself! I now wake up every day excited to get dressed and see what combination I can create in my closet!

Other blogs I love: Atlantic – Pacific, The Pink Peonies, A Little Dash of Darling and Walking In Memphis In High Heels (we actually do the weekly trend spin linkup together).

Guilty pleasure: Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes and the entire Sex and the City series.

Last thing I bought: I just bought a LuLu romper and an ASOS dress to take on my Italian vacation, wa-hoo!

Fav stores: NordstromASOS and Zara 

What does your fashion canvas look like? My canvas is always bright, colorful and full of fun and flirty pieces. I love to express my youthful personality through my clothing, so I can usually be seen in something ultra-feminine with a trendy twist!

Does your 9-5 outfits differ from your weekend ware? I do work at a small boutique marketing agency, so I have the freedom and flexibility to wear my fashion to the office. I sometimes take more risk at the office than I should, but if I am ever in a bind, I think you can never go wrong with a clean blouse, a great pencil skirt and some rocking heels.

What trends have you tried this summer? This summer I tried the crop top! I like the look, but I generally dress more conservatively, so we’ll see how long I can pull that off for.

What’s one fashion faux pas you are guilty of? Back in the day, I must admit that I used to be obsessed with the stacked platform sandals that the “Spice Girls” made oh so famous. Looking back I wish I could burn the pictures, but in the time they were all the rage and you could see all of my friends rocking them, so I guess we are all allowed to make some fashion mistakes.