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Ensure comfort in specialized writing utensils with gripping features

May 26th, 2013

The increase in popularity in handheld electronic devices has given rise to full qwerty keyboards for text messaging and even touch screen pen options for use with tablets and cellular phones. However, there will always be a need for traditional writing utensils for home and professional use. Whether it’s for taking notes in school, dictation at work or filling out important paper documents; it can be well worth the effort in purchasing a specialized writing utensil with gripping features. This can help to prevent writing cramps and prevent finger calluses for a more comfortable writing utensil for routine use.
The following are some writing utensils with gripping features:
Universal Comfort Grip Ballpoint Pen – Black Ink has a cushioned rubberized grip feature that allows for extended use in a more comfortable feel.
Universal Comfort Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen – Black Ink has a rubberized grip feature with a line texture aspect for easy handling. The black ink complements the black cap and barrel color in a sleek pen with a comfortable feel.
Universal 39710 Comfort Grip Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen has a quick-drying that protects against smudging. The pocket clip feature allows for a functional feature, while the gel formula provides a consistent line. The rubber grip is soft in the cushioning for an ultra comfortable feel.
Universal 15620 Comfort Grip Stick Ballpoint Pen has a fine point of 0.7 mm. The cap offers a combination topper and clip while the barrel features a rubberized comfort grip. The ink ensures a no-skip print while the ballpoint style is a much sought after type of pen due to its smooth lines and simple to use feature.
Universal 18861 Desk Highlighters with Comfort Grip is a highlighter product with a chiseled tip. It can create a narrow or wide line and has a rubberized grip in the large rounded barrel for a more comfortable use in a desktop highlighter.


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