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Enjoy any outdoor event with these NBA inspired coolers from Picnic Time

June 19th, 2013

Stay cool in the heat with a variety of coolers all created by Picnic Time. It’s easy to forget that some of the food that you bring with you to an event will spoil, and you can prevent it easily with one of these coolers. Cut a few corners (and time) for searching for the perfect item, and take a look at what the company has to offer. Get a specific NBA cooler specifically to your liking, and enjoy the game.

NBA Philadelphia 76ers Bongo Insulated Collapsible Cooler is completely insulated, and also water-resistant, so if there happens to be any spills from family members or friends, you won’t have to clean up a big mess. This sturdy built cooler can also double as a chair, if seating is scarce, so take a break while you wait inbetween tailgating and the start of the game.

NBA Phoenix Suns Bongo Insulated Collapsible Cooler fits easily into spaces in your pantry or closet, or can be stored in your car as well for easy access later. This cooler is small enough to take with you to festivals or to fair grounds, and you’ll be able to keep everything on you without carrying a lot of weight.

Picnic Time NBA – Navy Blue Duet Cleveland Cavaliers is a great item to have for more romantic settings, or backpacking up long trails. This duet will hold items like a bottle of wine, cheese and the essential utensils to eat and drink it all. Take it on picnics with a loved one, and feel secure that the material will hold for many uses.

Picnic Time New England Patriots Topanga Cooler is made from durable polyester which will keep up and won’t break easily. This cooler has thick handles to carry it around with you, all while you are supporting the New England Patriots.

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Insulated Activo Cooler Tote has plenty of space, and can be taken with you to a number of places, and will keep all your food goods fresh and cold. You can store fruits, sandwiches, cheese and soda or beer in these coolers, and celebrate the game when watching the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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