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Enhance the way you treat your hair with products by Avalon Organics

July 2nd, 2013

Avalon Organics take your hair washing experience to a whole new level with well-crafted formulas that benefit all types of hair. Whether your hair is long or short, it will wash just the same, with properties that bring bounce, shine and color to all of your strands for the perfect look every day. Avalon Organics means business when it comes to treating hair, and the want everyone who picks up one of their bottles to end up with beautiful hair every time they lather up their hair.

Avalon Organics – Shampoo Volumizing Rosemary – 11 oz leaves behind a pleasing smell, and also brings life into your strands, so you can style it the way you like before you head out for the day. This shampoo cleanses your hair well, while also “lifting” your roots so there’s more movement. Each bottle of this item is $20 on average on various online retail sites, but can also be picked up at local stores near you for the same price.

Avalon Organics Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Gentle Tear-Free 8 oz does wonders for baby or for you, and won’t hurt delicate eyes when you wash it off. Avalon Organics doesn’t leave babies out of the equation, with gently blended formulas that will leave baby smelling clean, while also locking in moisture for their skin. 

Avalon Organics Glistening Shampoo, Ylang Ylang, 11 Ounce works with every hair type, and has properties that will help to keep moisture in, and impurities out. This shampoo has a great blend of ingredients that are beneficial to the growth of healthy hair, as well as plant-derived cleansers that with the overall look and feel.

Avalon Organics Revitalizing Peppermint Shampoo,11 ounces will wake you up, especially in the morning with a strong scent, and soothing tingle that gets left behind with each wash. Babassu oil found in the shampoo help to keep your hair strong so there will be less breakage.


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