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Emergency kit essentials for the well-prepared homeowner

March 26th, 2013

Most homes have at least a few bandages and perhaps a first-aid sitting in a cabinet. But it’s advisable to have a more complete emergency kit available, particularly in those households that are in more rural areas where medical care can be a distance away. These items are just some of the essentials recommended to be part of any complete home emergency kit.

The Dynarex 3132 Stretch Gauze Bandage N/S Clean Wrap is a non-sterile bandage wrap available in a variety of sizes. Since it’s not sterile it isn’t recommended for use directly against a cut or break in the skin, it’s ideal for use as a wrap around a sterile bandage to keep it in place.

The Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves Box/100 is a box of sterile, latex and powder-free gloves that have a low protein content that makes them suitable for anyone who might have an allergy to latex or other materials. The lightweight material makes them ideal for a variety of uses from an emergency situation to simple protection from infection.

Every larger emergency kit needs some sort of face mask and the Dynarex 2 204 Face Mask Paper are a good choice for most situations. Packaged 100 to a box, the masks feature a high-quality paper mask material that holds up to moisture. The masks include a ease-to-use elastic ear loop and offer a basic-level of infection protection.

If you think you might require protection for your clothing, the Dynarex 4403 Polyethylene Apron 24″ X 42″ are a good option. These lightweight polyethylene aprons provide stain protection from chest to mid-calf and are appropriate for a variety of medical procedures.

The 1316 Dry Washcloth 12″X13″ are highly absorbent non-sterile cloths perfect for cleaning up spills or wiping down a patient. They come packaged in a poly bag for easy storage and protection against contamination.


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