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Embrace the dark side with Batman Dark Knight toys by Mattel

June 16th, 2013

The latest installment in the Batman Dark Knight series was hugely popular by ages young and old. Adults were captivated by the storyline and action, while a new generation of kids became familiar with the caped crusader. When purchasing toys based off the Batman Dark Night series, your collection isn’t complete without the Batman counterparts. Show your love for the film and complete your child’s collection with some great counterpart toys offered by Mattel.
The following are some Mattel products to complete your Batman Dark Knight collection:
Batman Dark Knight Rises Mini Collectible 2-Pack Batman & Catwoman is a two part collectible set that features the Batman Dark Knight character and Catwoman figure. This product is suitable for children ages 3 years of age and up.
Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Figure Catwoman features the Catwoman character in full mask cap top. This is a suitable toy action figure for children ages 4 and up. This 6 inch action figure has an average retail price of around $15.
Batman Dark Knight Movie Action Figure Blade Attack Deathstroke is a 5 inch action figure toy that comes with a sword and sheath. The sheath fits on the back of the action figure and the sword slash action button is extremely easy to use.
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman and Bane Figure 2 Pack includes the Batman Dark Knight and Bane action figure. Each character has its own corresponding accessory and can be a great imagination play toy for your little one.
Swing Shot Bane vs. Stealth Vision Batman The Dark Knight Rises Action Figure 2 Pack is intended for use with children from 5 to 7 years of age. It comes with two action figure toys, the Batman Dark Knight and Bane. The average retail price is around $13 for this 2 pack toy.


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