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Elk Lighting offers creative chandeliers for home

June 6th, 2013

Elk Lighting offers truly unique and creative lighting solutions with new takes on shapes, silhouettes, textures and more. The light fixtures include such items as vanity lights, chandeliers and outdoor light fixtures for home. These chandeliers from the brand take home lighting to new heights with statement pieces expected to be seen in the most popular and chic hotels in the world rather than right at home:

Landmark Lighting 61005-5 Franklin Creek 5-Light Chandelier in Dark Umber is a five bulb model with interestingly curved bars for elegance. It’s a versatile look due to the glass and iron components. $480 is the average retail price for this item at online stores.

ELK Lighting 406-3ES Classico 3 Light Pendant in Dark Rust and Espresso Glass is a great contemporary look with three hanging pendants ending in stunning multi-color glass shades. This product is sold for about $324 retail at online stores.

Elk 406-3SW 3-Light Pendant In Dark Rust and Show White Glass is a very chic, modern model that looks great in homes with minimal design aesthetics or all-modern looks. This product has a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The average retail price for this product is $325.

Elk Lighting 14040/1 Vintage 1-Light Chandelier In Dark Rust With Glass is a truly artistic model featuring a single bare bulb and several upside wine glasses cascading all around it. It’s unique and stunning and it makes for a great conversation piece for having guests over. $360 is the average online retail price for this item.

Elk 10154/3DR-SW Celina 3-Light Chandelier In Dark Rust and Snow White Glass is a simple yet beautiful model with a style a bit reminiscent of vintage streetlamps. It has the ability to dim on a full scale. This product is sold for about $412 retail at online stores.


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