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Electric office products that allow for easier use

May 29th, 2013

When it comes to office supplies, the most sought after products are the ones that provide increased function and productivity. This can come in the form of combination products like printer/fax/scanner devices that take up the same amount of space but allow for increased function in use. However, there are other office products that allow for easier use due to an electric function. While manual office products may seem just as easy, it can be surprising how much time and effort can be spared using electric office products.
The following are some electric office products to increase function and productivity:
Elmers Product 1900 Series Electric Pencil Sharpener – Gray features hardened steel alloy cutters and a solid zinc carrier for an ultra durable product with a sleek and modern design. The Pencil Saver technology prevents over-sharpening and the thermal overload feature ensures the motor will not overheat.
Hunt EPIR1827 Extra Cutter for High Volume Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener is an all-steel cutter product that allows for a perfectly sharpened point with each use.
X-Acto 1606 Electric Pencil Sharpener has a non-skid base, adjustable pencil guide for differing sizes and types, internal cooling fan and an extra large shavings receptacle for extended use.
X-Acto Electric Stapler with Anti-Jam Mechanism – Black – EP173101 has a capacity of 20 sheets per staple. This product has an optical trip firing mechanism to deliver ultra fast stapling for all your office or home needs.
Elmer’s Products Inc. X-Acto Electric Stapler with Anti-Jam Mechanism Putty EP173100 has a 20 sheet capacity with each staple. The cord length is 5 feet, the staple capacity is a full strip and it has a throat depth of ¼ of an inch. This product is made from a high durable plastic and steel construction and the putty color offers a great alternative to the same old bland black office product.


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