Two easy ways to make your family room for family friendly

2 easy ways to make your family room more family friendly

September 6th, 2013
Pottery Barn floor pillows

Pottery Barn floor pillows are an easy way to add some color and comfort to your family room.

By Aimee Heckel

Funny thing about many family rooms.

They’re not very family friendly.

Take the the glass coffee table. This creation was obviously invented for the ultra-mod family that lives next door to the Griswolds on the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” The Griswolds would have shattered it bringing it the front door.

Here are two easy ways to bring the “family” back into the family room, and save money doing it.

1. Get a functional ottoman. To younger kids, these are squishy tables that they can’t bonk their heads on — perfectly positioned at kid height. To parents, these can pull a room together, provide a fashionable pop of color and, best of all, provide hidden, functional storage of all of your kids’ Legos and Army men.

We love Pottery Barn’s storage cube, $199. We love the oversized nail accents. We do not, however, love the white or off-white color. If you do not know why, then you have never witnessed how spaghetti in the kitchen can cling to a 2-year-old’s soul and follow them around for three days.

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2. Get functional pillows. We’re not talking satin, dry-clean-only with any form of fringe, choking hazards (this includes cute little buttons) or fluff (oh God forbid the furry pillows; have you ever tried to get aforementioned spaghetti off one of them? How about gum?). We are talking Pottery Barn patchwork-patterned (that’s Mom Camo) “floor pillows.

What are floor pillows, you wonder? They are the same pillows you try to keep on your couch that your kids are going to throw onto the floor anyway, so why not buy robust enough ones that stay there? Your kids can sit and belly-flop all over these, and they look less ’70s-kitch than beanbags.

Plus, these pillows come built for families. They’re authentic, vintage kilims from Turkey stitched together — hand-embroidered with tons of character, funky stitches, missing threads and small holes.

Looking for a crazy deal? These pillows were originally $440 but are on sale right now for $99.99. Crazy, we say!

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