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Earplugs with stem attachments for a more hygienic product

June 14th, 2013

When it comes to earplugs, many people focus their attention on the actual plug itself. Many people have a preference in what style of plug they like; whether it’s a bell, cylinder or flange shape. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the other features of the earplug that can be just as important. While some earplugs are simply one piece in form, others have an actual stem attachment. This stem attachment can provide a much more hygienic method in removing and inserting earplugs because it eliminates hand to ear contact. Take advantage of this style of earplug and ensure your ears are fully protected against more than just hearing loss.
The following are some earplug products that offer stem attachment features:
Pyramex Reusable Earplugs 100 Corded Pair Per Box offers a unique design from its three flange shape in the plug to the bold navy blue and orange color scheme. The stem attachment is connected to the flange top and is made from a flexible rubber that will easily bend to allow for comfort in extended wear.
3m 311-1127 Ear Plugs 25db corded met Det univ pk100 2nfc9 has a bright yellow cap style earplug shape with a blue cord. The stem attachment blends in well with the cord and has an easy-to-use handle-like shape.
3m 311-1114 Ear Plugs 25db corded univ pk100 2aj13 has a cap style shape set in a bright yellow color. The stem is attached to the cord insert area and has a widened handle.
3m 340-4002 Ear Plugs 25db corded univ pr 4t152 has a three tier flange top with an attached stem set in yellow. The noise reduction rating is 25 dB, the average retail price is around $1 and it comes with a handy carrying case.
3M P2000 Ear Plugs 29dB W/o Cord Univ PK100 has a bell shape set in purple, with the stem in a bright yellow in a cordless earplug with high function.


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