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Earplugs with specialty features: Form and design

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs are a small item that offer a huge difference in terms of hearing quality. Using earplugs can offer protection against noise induced hearing loss and can increase productivity in the workplace. While earplugs are basically a utilitarian item, there are some earplugs that offer much more than just your standard style. If you’re in need of wearing earplugs on a regular basis, take advantage of some styles or forms that offer a more specialized take on a basic item.
The following are some earplugs with some specialty features:
3M EAR Push-Ins Earplugs Corded 28NRR Yellow/Blue have push-in stems for a more hygienic use. The pod shaped tip adheres to the natural contour of the ear canal and has a microphone look to it, rather than the standard cylinder style.
3M Tri-Flange Corded Earplug; 26dB 100/Box have a flanged shape for a more contoured fit to the natural shape of the ear canal. The noise reduction rating is 26dB and it has a stem feature for a more hygienic use, eliminating hand to ear contact.
E-A-Rsoft Blasts Earplugs Uncorded Foam Yellow Neon/Red Flame 200 Pairs/Box are a bright yellow colored background with a bold flame design. Not only will this protect against hearing loss, but it will be easily spotted when searching for your necessities on the job.
E-A-R UltraFit Earplugs Corded Premolded Yellow 100 Pairs/Box have a yellow flange shape with a connective stem. The stem allows for a more hygienic method of inserting and removing the earplugs, while the shape helps to adhere to the natural shape of the ear canal. The bright blue cord offers a great way to keep them handy and together when not in use.
Next Tattoo Earplugs – tattoo corded earplugs nrr 32 has a tapered shape in the earplug with a neon green color. A tattoo thorn stripe encircles the earplugs for a unique take on a utilitarian product.


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