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Earplugs in bulk packages of 200 or less

June 14th, 2013

While purchasing in bulk may be a cost-effective method for many things, sometimes it can work against you. This can be seen when trying to save a little extra money by purchasing fruit in bulk and then realizing have the batch has begun to spoil because you weren’t able to finish it fast enough. The same can be said about supplies used in a professional capacity. While it can be a great idea to purchase items in bulk to cut down on costs, these bulk items can quickly turn into clutter around the office or work area if it is simply too much of one particular item at a time. While earplugs may be an essential item to be used in a professional capacity, it is important to note that not all bulk purchases need to be in the thousands in order to be a smart purchase.
The following are some earplug options sold in bulk packages of 200 or less:
Pyramex Dp1001 Earplugs Disposable Corded 100 / Box have an elongated bell shape in the plug and a bright orange color accented by a cobalt blue cord. These are disposable earplugs that are self-adjusting to the ear.
3m 311-1105 Ear Plugs 33db corded lrg pk200 3nhj6 have a cylinder shape in the earplug and a bright blue cord for optimum convenience.
E-a-r 310-1080 Ear Plugs 29db corded univ pk100 3nhfl have a cylinder shaped earplug set in a bright yellow color against a bright blue cord. The average retail price is around $58 for a box containing 100 earplug sets.
3M PELTIP1 Ear Plugs 21dB w/o Cord Univ PK50 are a great option for smaller offices that may not need as many earplug products with each purchase, due to its 50 amount in each package.
3m 311-6001 Ear Plugs 31db corded univ pk200 3nha9 are disposable earplugs in a cylinder shape and come with 200 in each package.


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