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Drive makes transporting and movement so much easier for all involved

March 26th, 2013

Comet Pediatric Anterior Gait TrainerTransportation and ease of movement is something that we all need in life and medical ailments or injuries can often take that away from some of us. Drive has a great line of products that look to bring the simplicity of daily living back into everyone’s life.

Drive Elevating Legrests: Get extra comfort in your wheelchair with these elevating legrests that can support you even more. They are easy to put on and take off in a moment’s notice to make transport and transferring as simple as possible.

Comet Pediatric Anterior Gait Trainer: This pediatric gait trainer from Drive comes complete with a seat harness to support patients that just can’t stand up on their own or take their own weight. Variable resistance tabs are a nice added touch to help control the speed of your trainer without it going rogue and faster than you’d like.

Comet Tyke Anterior Gait Trainer: One of the best gait trainers on the market comes from Drive, and this is why. The positioning bar provides additional and adjustable depth for those of different heights. Ankle prompts are included to keep legs from scissoring and getting tied up. There is even a pelvic stabilizer for the ultimate in extra support while getting your little ones back into the mode of moving around.

Aluminum Transport Chair: Transport chairs don’t need to be big and bulky without gigantic wheels so that they are effective. This aluminum chair from Drive is small, compact, and can fold down easily in seconds. It weighs a mere 19 pounds for easy transport anywhere you need to take it.

Stand-Assist Lift: Assistance is just sometimes needed in tasks we may all take for granted. Standing, transferring from one location to another, and even using the toilet can become difficult when a medical issue arises. This extra-wide lift has a non-skid foot place for the ultimate in stability and security when you need to get around with a little extra help. Support straps for the legs make things that much better too.


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