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Drive products make living all that much easier

March 26th, 2013

Suction Cup Grab BarDon’t allow your ailment or injury to keep you from living as routine a life as you possibly can. The following products from Drive are meant to make both your life and those of your aides easier so that daily routines aren’t a chore but simplistic.

Suction Cup Grab Bar: Sturdiness and security when trying to stand or stay balanced are extremely important when getting in and out of the tub. Actually, those things are important all over the place and that is why this medical suction cup bar from Drive is so incredible. It secures tightly in place, without any tools, anywhere you need it and can be moved in a moment’s notice.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode: Portable and easy to transfer wherever it is needed, this folding commode is the ultimate in functionality. It folds flat for convenient storage or transportation, and can be opened to a standing position in mere seconds. The plastic armrests offer extreme comfort and super stability.

Combination Plastic Transfer Bench with Commode Opening: The durability of this product is immeasurable in its importance. It comes complete with a 7.5 quart commode bucket with metal handle, cover, and splash shield. If that isn’t necessary though, it can also be used just as a transfer bench with locking suction cups on the feet for extra safety.

Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze Bar: Don’t let injury or ailment keep you from getting around. This trapeze bar system is designed to assist in changing positions while in bed or transferring out of bed a little more easily. It is lightweight in design and can be adjusted without any problem from the edge of the headboard to the end of the boom with a simple slide.

Drive Clinical Care Geri Chair Recliner Blue Ridge: Comfort is extremely important when giving blood, having your vitals taken, or any other number of stressful tasks. The soft and relaxing chair can be positioned into four different sitting stances with a deep recline or even Trendenlenburg position.


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