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Drive has products to make your life simple and easy without much trouble

March 26th, 2013

Drive Foot Stool with HandrailLife doesn’t need to be altered just because of medical issues that may hinder daily routines. Drive has products that are not complicated at all to use, but they will help make life so much easier. The following products are just a few of the ways that your life can be helped with just a simple item or two.

Drive Foot Stool with Handrail: Standing is not something that everyone is able to just do with great ease. Drive wants to help though and this foot stool can do just that. Whether you’re just standing in one spot or looking to reach something higher up, this stool has a handrail for extra support and stability.

Portable Shower Bench: Have a seat in the shower by placing this extremely sturdy bench across your tub. It is a simplistic, one-piece bench that is very portable and travels quite easily. Rubber stops on the bottom not only help protect the tub from scratches, but provide security to keep it in place at all times.

Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode With Padded Seat & Arms: This incredibly easy to assemble frame has a padded, vinyl toilet seat with open front for the ultimate in comfort. The drop arm is very easy to release for safe lateral transfer to and from the commode itself. Making things a little bit easier is that the leg heights are adjustable for anyone that may need to use it.

Drive Medical – Headrest For Wenzelite First Class School Chair FC 8000: Have all the comfort and stability you need with this adjustable headrest that is suitable for a number of Wenzelite models. Drive provides the ultimate headrest that can have height, depth, and angle adjusted for sitting in whatever position comforts you most.

Extreme Comfort Nasal CPAP Mask with Head Gear: Not everyone lies perfectly still in their sleep and that is why this product from Drive is ideal for those with a CPAP machine. The head gear is overly comfortable and will never get in the way of your rest but will make sure that your CPAP machine stays in one location throughout the entire night.


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